Launch Pad September 11, 2021

Así se baila starts on Sunday at 8pm/7c. Are your metaphorical dancing shoes ready?

Las mil y una noches starts on Monday night:

The next season of Nuestra Belleza Latina begins on September 26:

Do you plan to tune in to any of the new shows? Don’t forget, there’s a more complete list on the Proximas page.

22 thoughts on “Launch Pad September 11, 2021”

  1. My dancing shoes are ready and I’m hoping it’s available on the Peacock app. La Voz never was so I’m worried the reality shows won’t be on it.

    I hope I can at least watch highlights on YouTube.

    1. I really enjoyed the concept of dancing pairs who are closely related by blood or affection in real life. I also liked all three judges and the fact that the conductor is female (Jacky Bracamontes).
      I’m already desperate for the divorced couple to reunite! Wouldn’t that be a nice telenovela ending?

        1. I saw a bit at the very end where they were arguing about dish soap, but I don’t know when it was. And they’re all sleeping in one giant room together? I mean, do they want drama or homicide?

          1. There are two bedrooms, but both are coed. Actually, more drama occurs in the bathroom–arguments over bad hygiene, hair extensions left in the sink, etc.!

      1. No I’m not watching it. I just put the channel on Telemundo last night while I worked on something else. I had hoped a novela would be on, but it was Casa. Even as background noise I found it not fun.

    1. Oh yes. I got the email this afternoon. (We picked YouTubetv back up for football.)

      Just in time for Mil y un noches. I missed the first 2 episodes though.

    2. Thank you so much, @kat! You just saved me from subscribing to another service that didn’t have quite what I needed. With these additions to YouTube TV, I’ll be all set! (I had to pick something new, since Google Fiber TV is going away on Sept. 30.)

  2. I watched most of the first episode of Las mil y una noches and had to stop. It looks dated, though it was aired in 2006…OK, I think I forget that we’re in 2021 so, yeah, it would be dated! Onur (played by the guy who played Suleyman in El Sultan) hates women, thinks they’re all after money, and never remembers their names. His BFF/cousin seems ok, but he treats Onur’s crappy attitude like it’s funny instead of calling him out for being such a tool.

    I have trashy Bravo reality shows I’d rather watch more than this.

      1. I don’t know . . . it kind of bugs me when old guys get to hook up with much younger women. I should keep an open mind, but I’m already feeling annoyed! LOL

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