Launch Pad September 18, 2021

Why is NBCUniverso broadcasting the World Cup of Futsal?

I totally thought that was a typo, but Mr. 5ft says it’s indoor fútbol with different rules and it predates “indoor soccer.”

In other TV-related news

Billboard Awards are on Thursday night on Telemundo and NBCUniverso.

In case you missed it last week, Univision, Galavisión and UniMás will be available on YouTubeTV:

9 thoughts on “Launch Pad September 18, 2021”

  1. Do any of you subscribe to YouTube TV? We just started our subscription, but now when I try to use the Telemundo app, it won’t let me access most of the shows I care about. I needed the app because I missed a few things during the transition from our previous cable provider. The error message I get tells me that my provider (YouTube TV) does not have access to the show(s) in question. I’m definitely logged in correctly, since the app lets me pick other programs to watch.

    1. I don’t really have an answer, but I’ve seen this happen in other apps. I think it’s a matter of the network giving some platforms priority or early episodes or whatever, still trying to drive traffic to whoever pays them best (I’m assuming). It does seem kind of pointless to have access to a channel, but not all the programs.

      1. Thanks, Kat. I had never seen this before, but we always had traditional cable services in the past (Spectrum, U-verse, Google Fiber TV, etc.). This is the first time we’ve had a streaming service, and I guess they don’t pay Telemundo enough to access all the programs in the app.

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