La Reina del Sur Season 3, Premiere week

These are some totally casual barely-even-summaries that I posted in the comments of the most recent Launch Pad post. I have no idea where I’m going with this, but I wanted to stay organized. Given the behind the scenes footage at the end of Ep 3, it looks like there’s not another new episode until Monday.

Episode 1

LRDS 3 started last night. They’re skipping ahead four years from the end of the second series? So Ray is 4, Beba and Epifanio’s son is 4, and Sofia is 14. Paloma’s being a single mom to both Ray and Sofia (even if Sofia thinks she’s been grown since she was 10). Epifanio’s still Epifanio. Beba’s been suicidal and it’s been an excuse to keep her son away from her. Oleg is working with Jonathan and some new guy to bust Teresa out of prison. They don’t tell us exactly why she’s there, just a bunch of guys showed up in Australia, where she was in hiding with Sofia, and arrested her (I use the term loosely).

Episode 2

Tuesday’s episode, Sofia makes it to Colombia where Faustino, Rocio, Sheila, and Batman are living. Rocio’s less “Vampi” now. More like…dark tropicalcore? Sofia gets abducted by human traffickers but escapes them with help from a mystery guy (hey, how ’bout that AfroLatinx representation!). Teresa is dead for ten minutes (shout out to the Ravelry peeps) and nearly dies again before making it to Mexico via trucks, jeeps, whitewater rafting, and a tunnel from New Mexico. And once again, Epifanio was behind it all. Epifanios gotta Epifanio.

Episode 3

Ha, yesterday was Wednesday, not Tuesday!

Which means tonight is Thursday and on tonight’s episode Epifanio lays out his brilliant plan: Teresa’s going to single-handedly take down the DEA in exchange for not having to hide anymore and a payout in the millions of dollars. She’s taking the boys with her, though, and they all get microchipped.

Sofia’s new friend Mateo helps her get back to the fam. When she’s about to introduce him, he mysteriously vanishes.

Beba’s dad and some military guy are trying to undermine Epifanio by trying to catch/kill Teresa. The three dumbasses they have following her think they see an opportunity when she’s momentarily alone waiting for the new guy. They fell victim to one of the classic blunders–never go in against Teresa Mendoza when death is on the line. It’s no surprise she kicks their asses soundly.

Episode 4

Landero (aka The New Guy) gets Teresa to Colombia where she can meet back up with Sofia. Sofia’s not happy that Teresa’s planning to leave for Bolivia pretty quickly.

The boys are in Bolivia, starting the search for Jinete Negro, who supposedly has some really good dirt on the DEA.

That DEA fucker Charlie goes to Málaga to kidnap Sofia, but ends up killing Paloma’s housekeeper and a friend of Paloma’s and then kidnapping Ray from his daycare. Plus shooting a teacher there. We look forward to a slow and painful death for Charlie.

And *now* that’s the end of the week.

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