Launch Pad May 7, 2022

Abortion saves lives. Abortion is healthcare and government should stay out of it. Keep abortion legal and safe.

Monday night there are 2 2-hour finales on Telemundo: Exatlón and Hercai.

Tuesday night there are 2 2-hour premieres: La Casa de los Famosos and Hasta que la plata nos separe.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a men/women issue. There are people of all genders who have uteruses. Not all women have uteruses. It’s ok to say “people who have uteruses” when that’s more accurate than “women.”

Y’all I am sad about Hercai ending and I would re-watch it in Turkish if I had the opportunity. It was that good.

I think at this point on Telemundo I’m waiting for Amor Valiente to begin. I just hope it’s amor and valentia, you know? We have a date now–May 31 and it’s replacing Pasión de Gavilanes 2.

Not your uterus, not your business. Make your own healthcare decisions based on your own moral code and don’t try to foist that moral code off on anyone else. Nobody needs demonstrably biology-ignorant lawmakers trying to get between them and their healthcare provider.

Childbirth carries a risk of death. Yes, in 2022. No one should be legally obligated to take that risk.

Launch Pad April 23, 2022

I did not end up watching Contigo Sí, but if you did, what did you think of it?

Tuesday, UniMás replaces its afternoon rerun of La Fuerza del Destino with Rubí (the older version).

La Hija del Embajador, final season starts on 5/2 in place of Las mil y una noches.

When Hasta que el dinero nos separe starts on Telemundo, it’s taking over from Hercai on May 10, which seems like a really bad idea. They’re also starting season 2 of La Casa de Los Famosos on that day. There’s another Turkish show, Amor Valiente, slated for May, but with no date. If they want to push to turn everything over on the same night, that means Pasión de Gavilanes would have to wrap up quickly.

Univision has got El útimo rey set up to begin on 5/17 in place of Madre. This is the version with Pablo Montero based on the book of the same name, and the family is not happy with this one.

We finally saw a promo for La Reina del Sur 3 coming soon.

Amazon Prime has a remake of I Love Lucy, Todo por Lucy, dropping on 5/20.

That’s what I’ve got. What’s new with you?

Launch Pad March 12, 2022

Clocks move this weekend. Not for me, but since everyone else’s clocks are moving I still have to know what time it is everywhere else.

The perpetual suckiness of the world has definitely got me down. I have no advice except…hang in there, take opportunities to help where you can, and don’t get caught in a worry spiral because that helps no one. (Oh, wait, that was advice, wasn’t it?)

Launch Pad February 12, 2022

Monday is Día de San Valentín, or Día de los Enamorados, or Día del Amor y de la Amistad, or Día de Comer Muchos Chocolates. Have a good one.

Presumably in honor of this day (?) Telemundo’s going to end their afternoon rerun of Pasión de Gavilanes and begin the new season at 10pm.

Also on Monday, UniMás is starting a rerun of Lo que la vida me robó at 9am.

Tuesday at 1pm, Telemundo begins a rerun of Bajo el mismo cielo at 1pm.

Launch Pad January 29, 2022

The funk continues.

Malverde ended Wednesday, pushing Hercai back to two hours a night until Pasión de Gavilanes 2 starts on 2/14.

I think they left the door open for a spinoff of Malverde, but if it never happens I’m sure not gonna mind.

It did leave me thinking I need to study Mexican history more, but the only thing harder lately than finding a show to really sink into is finding a book to read. Any recommendations?