Launch Pad September 11, 2021

Así se baila starts on Sunday at 8pm/7c. Are your metaphorical dancing shoes ready?

Las mil y una noches starts on Monday night:

The next season of Nuestra Belleza Latina begins on September 26:

Do you plan to tune in to any of the new shows? Don’t forget, there’s a more complete list on the Proximas page.

Launch Pad September 4, 2021

I guess I’m falling asleep on the job! I missed the beginning of Despertar contigo on Galavision:

And here’s another rerun that started this week, on UniMás:

I figured I was going to watch Ási se baila anyway, but now I have a specific team to cheer for:

I don’t know how all the “Vencer” telenovelas fit together, but here’s the latest one:

So what’s up with you?


This sounds like the back cover of every steamy romance novel ever, and I mean that in a good way:

Launch Pad August 21, 2021

La Hija del Embajador ended last night–at least through Season 2. I haven’t heard anything about Season 3, but will anyone want to watch it with the title character gone?

Televisa’s working on a couple of new shows, SOS me estoy enamorando and El amor cambia de piel, which I’ll get around to adding to the Proximas page eventually!

Así se baila is premiering on September 12 on Telemundo.

Launch Pad August 7, 2021

Hi all!

¿Quién es la máscara? starts up again on Sunday:

¿Qué le pasa a mi familia? premieres on August 23 on Univision:

Malverde is still scheduled for September on Telemundo:

I originally typed “Septemberon” and that might also be accurate.

Así se baila starts in September on Telemundo:

Check the Proximas page for a full list of upcoming shows.


Telemundo’s coming right out and saying they’re putting PdG on as a warm-up for Season 2:

The Nicky Jam bionovela “El Ganador” starts late tonight/early Saturday on Telemundo.

Launch Pad July 24, 2021

Telemundo and NBC Universo are carrying Olympics coverage. There are still some smatterings of fútbol championships happening all over the place.

In telenovela news, Huerfanos de su tierra starts Monday night on UniMás:

Malverde’s still “coming soon” and they’re really going all out with the production values:

Univision has announced ¿Qué le pasa a mi familia? for August 30 at 7pm, which means it would be replacing La Rosa de Guadalupe:

La Desalmada premieres on August 23 at 10pm, replacing La Hija del Embajador:

The website is still coming together slowly. What do you want to see restored?


Univision will air up to the 2nd season finale of La Hija del Embajador and will figure out when they’re starting the 3rd season. More info here.

Telemundo’s putting together a reality show:

Launch Pad July 10, 2021

Welcome to the new El Cohete.

About a week ago, the old site got stuck in a loop. It was so bad, I thought about letting it die and riding off into the internet sunset, but then I remembered the things I’d always wanted to do differently, so I decided to start over.

We do have a copy of the old site in its entirety, but it’s going to need to be fished out in pieces. Mr. 5ft is taking care of that bit.

Even if we can’t restore any of the previous site, we’re still going to go on from here.

Unfortunately, right now I can’t put anything up at the old site to explain that we’ve moved, so if you’re here now I’m really glad you found us again! Thank you!

As I said before, I’ll be slowly configuring/restoring. Let me know if there’s a particular thing from the old site that you want migrated over here. I’m going to start with the TV schedule information and proximas and take it from there.

How about you? How are you doing? What are you watching? What are you excited about?



At the original site, Mr. 5ft set up an automatic redirect but things were still spotty. I set up a bare-bones web page saying we’ve moved and unexpectedly that made the redirect word without ever stopping at the old address. Anyone navigating to will get bumped over here.


Here’s a promo for El Inframundo on UniMás. It premieres on July 21 at 8pm.

La Desalmada is coming “soon” to Univision and I am not here for it after reading that the plot involves rape in People en Español. Screw Univision. It’s not like I don’t have other options.

Huerfanos de su tierra premieres July 26 on UniMás at 7pm.