Launch Pad August 27, 2022

I hope this week’s student loan forgiveness brought some joy to your life.

I don’t think anything’s going on TV-wise until the first full week of September.

We’re still watching Top Chef VIP. This is really the strangest format, but I think I like it. They’re doing so much cooking! It’s at least two challenges an episode, five episodes a week. And clearly everyone’s having fun…at least until it’s time to have someone go home, then everybody’s crying.

Launch Pad August 13, 2022

I keep wanting to say “This week has been kind of rough” like it hasn’t been the default for years. With the new CDC guidance I honestly don’t know if I will ever feel comfortable being in public around strangers again…but, hey, I was already having mobility problems, so it’s not like I wouldn’t have been continuing to stay home anyway! (Insert bitter laugh here.)

Recently, we’ve lost Nichelle Nichols, Manuel Ojeda, Olivia Newton-John…probably some more people I don’t remember at the moment. I hope wherever they are, they know they were loved.

I’ve been watching Top Chef VIP. I didn’t realize they were doing two-hour episodes a night, but it gives them a lot of room for goofing off. If I’m not paying strict attention, I don’t miss much.

The Proximas page has been updated.

Launch Pad July 30, 2022

It’s Friday as I type this. I am both on the phone, on hold, trying to verify that I correctly scheduled a medical appointment and “chatting” with a supremely unhelpful “agent” online re: the same. ¡Qué pinche flojera!

I am watching absolutely nothing in Spanish. I think I’m waiting for La Reina del Sur 3, but I don’t know if they’ve set a date yet.

Mostly I’ve been bingeing the Scientology documentary on Netflix. It’s creepy.

What’s on that I need to watch?

Launch Pad July 16, 2022

A rerun of La Reina del Sur season 2 starts on Monday at 1pm on Telemundo. If this is their way to prep for season 3 (like they did with season 2 and with Pasión de Gavilanes season 2) Season 3 could be starting October 10.

Or sooner? Top Chef VIP is starting in August in one of the two hours La casa de los famosos takes up currently. Something’s gotta take the place of the other hour.

The rest of the Proximas news is on the Proximas page.