Launch Pad December 18, 2021

Hercai’s move to 2-hour episodes means two cliffhangers a day instead of one. It has a wrapping-up feel, but still very slowly.

Malverdes gotta Malverde. I do have to give the show some credit for having multiple female characters who enjoy sex and are not villains. Unfortunately, the show’s not really about them and they keep bringing it back to this Malverde guy.

January 11 seems to be the next day for premieres. Proximas page here.

The Vicente Fernandez bio-novela starring Jaime Camil looks like it’s a go.

I’ve been obsessed with a crochet project and I keep watching those Netflix romantic Christmas movies to keep me company. They’re pretty much as advertised and leave me with plenty of brainpower to focus on how I can make the yarn do what I want it to, even if I haven’t made that happen yet.

So, what’s new with you?

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2 years ago

Exatlon. Enough already.