Launch Pad August 27, 2022

I hope this week’s student loan forgiveness brought some joy to your life.

I don’t think anything’s going on TV-wise until the first full week of September.

We’re still watching Top Chef VIP. This is really the strangest format, but I think I like it. They’re doing so much cooking! It’s at least two challenges an episode, five episodes a week. And clearly everyone’s having fun…at least until it’s time to have someone go home, then everybody’s crying.

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Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
1 year ago

Are you rooting for anyone in particular on Top Chef?

Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
1 year ago
Reply to  5ftlatina

What a shame! I couldn’t help noticing that there are several Telemundo reality veterans on the show: Cristina Eustace, Jennifer Peña, Gregorio Pernía, etc. And, of course, Chiky was on Mira quién baila on Uni. I guess you can make a career out of reality roles.

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