Launch Pad August 13, 2022

I keep wanting to say “This week has been kind of rough” like it hasn’t been the default for years. With the new CDC guidance I honestly don’t know if I will ever feel comfortable being in public around strangers again…but, hey, I was already having mobility problems, so it’s not like I wouldn’t have been continuing to stay home anyway! (Insert bitter laugh here.)

Recently, we’ve lost Nichelle Nichols, Manuel Ojeda, Olivia Newton-John…probably some more people I don’t remember at the moment. I hope wherever they are, they know they were loved.

I’ve been watching Top Chef VIP. I didn’t realize they were doing two-hour episodes a night, but it gives them a lot of room for goofing off. If I’m not paying strict attention, I don’t miss much.

The Proximas page has been updated.

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Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
1 year ago

I guess you saw that the 2-hour gran estreno of Los ricos también lloran is Sept. 6 at 9 PM on Uni. Why, oh why, did it have to be Rulli again? I love Claudia Martín, but Rulli will keep me away from this one.