Launch Pad July 24, 2021

Telemundo and NBC Universo are carrying Olympics coverage. There are still some smatterings of fútbol championships happening all over the place.

In telenovela news, Huerfanos de su tierra starts Monday night on UniMás:

Malverde’s still “coming soon” and they’re really going all out with the production values:

Univision has announced ¿Qué le pasa a mi familia? for August 30 at 7pm, which means it would be replacing La Rosa de Guadalupe:

La Desalmada premieres on August 23 at 10pm, replacing La Hija del Embajador:

The website is still coming together slowly. What do you want to see restored?


Univision will air up to the 2nd season finale of La Hija del Embajador and will figure out when they’re starting the 3rd season. More info here.

Telemundo’s putting together a reality show:

7 thoughts on “Launch Pad July 24, 2021”

  1. Yay! I found it! I haven’t really been watching anything so I hadn’t checked in in a while. Glad you are still here.

  2. Thanks so much for the promos! The Brazilian one looks good, but I’m trying to improve my Spanish, and I don’t think I learn as much from dubbed novelas. I hope we hear a start date soon for Malverde.

  3. Why am I completely unsurprised that Univision’s frantically cutting down LHDE season 2 to air La Desalmada? It’s apparently doing well in the ratings in Mexico, but how many times have they scrambled like this only to realize later that whatever magic it had on Canal Estrellas it doesn’t have on Univision.

  4. SLS ran a promo for “La casa de los famosos” yesterday. It starts Tuesday, Aug. 24, at 7 PM. I have to say that it looks really trashy! LOL

    1. Looks really sexed up: lots of silhouettes (hiding the identities for now) swirling around and posing suggestively. It didn’t entice me at all, but you never know.

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