Launch Pad July 31, 2021

Some reruns start this week. Inseparables comes back to UniMás afternoons. Más sabe el diablo takes the half-hour mid-day spot on Telemundo. Fuego en la Sangre replaces La Usurpadora.

I completely missed the beginning of Huerfanos de su Tierra. Did anybody catch it? Is it worth a look?

10 thoughts on “Launch Pad July 31, 2021”

  1. I’m so glad I didn’t invest my time in La hija del embajador. What Uni is doing is completely unacceptable! And they did the same thing to us with El Príncipe (on UniMás).
    Of course, Telemundo is no better: think El sultán!

  2. It’s so confusing. They do want people to watch, don’t they?

    At least for a while, El Sultán was on Netflix, but it got pulled right around the time Telemundo started broadcasting it. I don’t know what they were thinking when they decided they needed to ditch it, but moved it to 1am.

  3. SLS showed a promo for Malverde that said it was coming in September, but didn’t specify an exact date.

  4. Four of the contestants in”La casa de los famosos” have been announced. I’m underwhelmed to say the least. The only one I’ve heard of is Gabi Spanic. She’ll be fun, but one of the others is a Playboy Playmate, so we can see where this is headed. Actually, I have heard of this second woman, because a few years back she accidentally killed a man in a traffic incident where she was at fault (supposedly drunk, which she denies).

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