Launch Pad June 18, 2022

I’m gonna start this off with a complaint about Disney+. This is the second time a (coincidentally) Karol Sevilla show has had a publicized release date, and not until that date did they say “in Latin America and Spain.” That’s important information! Especially when I made plans!

So anyway, we horrible estadounidenses are waiting for Siempre fui yo to drop on July 20.

Does anybody know what happened to Hasta que la plata nos separe? It looks like they’re starting a rerun of La Doña in that 1pm spot.

On June 23, Telemundo and NBC Universo are showing Premios Tu Música Urbano in the evening.

There’s a rerun of Pájaro soñador starting on Monday on UniMás. I watched a lot of that show when it aired last time. I thought it felt fresh, but after the millionth break-up I quit. I might watch it this time with copious amounts of FF. Maybe.

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10 days ago

Atrévete a soñar starts tomorrow on Galavisión at 2:00PM EST.

Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
9 days ago

Interesting about Hasta que la plata nos separe: In my YouTube TV app, it has the episodes through last week available on demand (VOD), but it doesn’t show the usual header indicating when the next new episode will air. That makes me think that there won’t be any more live airings, but maybe it will be able to be streamed through certain apps?

Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
9 days ago

Well, I’ve continued watching Infiel (the new Turkish novela), despite finding both the husband and wife unlikable. Not only is the character of the wife insipid, but the actress herself is practically expressionless. Still, the plot has had some interesting twists and intriguing secondary characters. What I like best is that there don’t appear to be clear cut villains and heroes, but more nuanced character development. This is something I’ve enjoyed in the past in novelas by Giselle González, for example, and what was missing for me in the little I watched of the other Telemundo Turkish novela, Amor valiente. The villains in AV were too loudly broadcast and one-dimensional for my taste.
Best of all, a tiny little kitten joined the cast of Infiel last Friday!