Launch Pad March 12, 2022

Clocks move this weekend. Not for me, but since everyone else’s clocks are moving I still have to know what time it is everywhere else.

The perpetual suckiness of the world has definitely got me down. I have no advice except…hang in there, take opportunities to help where you can, and don’t get caught in a worry spiral because that helps no one. (Oh, wait, that was advice, wasn’t it?)

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Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
2 years ago

I’m feeling down, too, but I thank you for the laugh I got reading the phrase “perpetual suckiness”!

2 years ago

I like this time change because I like longer days.

There is so much suck in the world and I feel like it’s compounded by the fact that I can’t find a book or show that engages me enough to escape. I’m enjoying MFEA but when the episode ends like ¿y ahora qué?