Launch Pad March 12, 2022

Clocks move this weekend. Not for me, but since everyone else’s clocks are moving I still have to know what time it is everywhere else.

The perpetual suckiness of the world has definitely got me down. I have no advice except…hang in there, take opportunities to help where you can, and don’t get caught in a worry spiral because that helps no one. (Oh, wait, that was advice, wasn’t it?)

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10 months ago

I like this time change because I like longer days.

There is so much suck in the world and I feel like it’s compounded by the fact that I can’t find a book or show that engages me enough to escape. I’m enjoying MFEA but when the episode ends like ¿y ahora qué?

Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
10 months ago

I’m feeling down, too, but I thank you for the laugh I got reading the phrase “perpetual suckiness”!