Launch Pad November 13, 2021

Schedule shenanigans at Telemundo

Starting next week, Parientes a la fuerza is getting moved to 12am. My condolences to anyone who was watching.

And Hercai is coming back with Season 2 on Wednesday! They’ve basically shown in previews that it’s nothing new, but I hope we get answers by the end of it.

Also, Por Amor o Dinero starts Wednesday in place of Casa de las famosos.

3 thoughts on “Launch Pad November 13, 2021”

  1. I’m not sure I’ll ever live down the shame of having gotten hooked on La casa de los famosos. Not only did I watch 2 hours each night, but I also tuned in to the daily half-hour show dissecting the action from the night before. As if that wasn’t enough, I watched the one-hour program that aired Sunday nights about the show. Once this shameful spectacle ends, I’ll get back 13.5 hours a week of my life! LOL

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