19 thoughts on “Launch Pad November 20, 2021”

  1. I don’t really know. I was so fed up with our system of INJUSTICE I didn’t have the energy to give it a thorough look.

    Something from the vault is starting on Galavision. Something I didn’t recognize, but I re-tweeted it so I could find it later.

        1. Thanks, Kat! Never heard of it, but I might take a look. 130 episodes is more than I like these days, though.

          1. I’ve seen the opening credits for it a few times back when I had cable and the tlnovelas channel and it followed whatever it was I was watching. I have to say I loved the theme song. Other than that I really know nothing about it. Like you, I’m finding 130 episodes to be to much for me these days. I think you and Kat have more stamina than I because even a run as short as 20 gives me pause. It also sort of depends on run time.

  2. Oh, also there’s a Turkish one coming “soon” to Univision about a teacher who takes one of her students home because the kid’s parents aren’t taking care of her. It’s an exploration of what it means to be a mother. I think they’re calling it “Madre”.

    1. Yup! I seem to gravitate to them a lot.

      Although, I have to say that I’m watching a chilean telenovela on YouTube right now. My chilean teacher recommended it. It’s 60ish episodes but each episode is less than 30 minutes. It doesn’t feel as overwhelming as a 100+ episode show. I got through 15 episodes last week, which is good for me.

        1. El señor de la querencia. There are auto generated Spanish captions, but the chilean accent confuses them I guess because they aren’t that fabulous 😂. Even so, I’ve managed to follow along OK. Just be prepared for a lot of sex, nudity (male butts!) and misogyny.

    2. Yes! I don’t have Netflix, but I’m gobbling up all the Amazon Prime limited series in Spanish. But it makes it hard to go back to traditional novelas of 100 eps or more.

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