Launch Pad July 30, 2022

It’s Friday as I type this. I am both on the phone, on hold, trying to verify that I correctly scheduled a medical appointment and “chatting” with a supremely unhelpful “agent” online re: the same. ¡Qué pinche flojera!

I am watching absolutely nothing in Spanish. I think I’m waiting for La Reina del Sur 3, but I don’t know if they’ve set a date yet.

Mostly I’ve been bingeing the Scientology documentary on Netflix. It’s creepy.

What’s on that I need to watch?

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Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
1 year ago
Reply to  5ftlatina

Last night I noticed that the promos definitely said October.

Linda Fineman
Linda Fineman
1 year ago

The only thing I’m watching is La casa de los famosos, and I’ve stopped being apologetic about it! The truth is, it’s more entertaining than most of the novelas I’ve tried to watch recently. Also, I love the commentary by Jimena Gallego. She’s the best conductor I’ve seen on Spanish-language TV. (Her co-host doesn’t contribute anything other than a deep voice.) Also, each morning, Verónica Bastos and Jorge Bernal dish the dirt on the show of the night before. It’s like hanging out with gossipy friends–great fun!