Launch Pad July 16, 2022

A rerun of La Reina del Sur season 2 starts on Monday at 1pm on Telemundo. If this is their way to prep for season 3 (like they did with season 2 and with Pasión de Gavilanes season 2) Season 3 could be starting October 10.

Or sooner? Top Chef VIP is starting in August in one of the two hours La casa de los famosos takes up currently. Something’s gotta take the place of the other hour.

The rest of the Proximas news is on the Proximas page.

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1 year ago
Reply to  5ftlatina

My struggle with Vix whether it’s free or not is the organization. I guess I’m glad they finally added a search option. It just feels so random and I’ll see one thing in one place one day and then it seems like it disappears but I can still find it if I search.